Leanbio was founded By Dr Andreu Soldevila i Fàbrega in june 2014 with the aim to provide solutions in the development of Biological products for Pharma, Biopharma, Cosmetics and Agro-food sectors. In the first 6 months after consitution, Leanbio had already signed contracts for consultancy in food sector, Pharma sector, Biopharma sector and Cosmetic Sector. In late 2014, Leanbio reached an agreement with Inkemia in order to develop a joint venture which led to build the facilities to support Cell line development, Process development and Analytical development in early 2015. In March 2015 Leanbio started the operations in the proprietary facilities and started working in projects for the development of products for Pharma and cosmetics industry. In Autumn 2015,Leanbio rised capital to upgrade Process development facilities and move to Pilot scale manufacturing.