Andreu Soldevila

Andreu Soldevila Fabrega

Andreu Soldevila, PhD – Founder and CEO linkedin-logo-leanbiopro

Dr. Andreu Soldevila Fàbrega received his PhD in Biology from Universitat autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and founded LeanBio in 2014, bringing 16 years of experience in the biotech industry. He developed as a professional at IUCT Inkemia in the field of cell line development and enzyme manufacturing for Biobased processes. After Inkemia he moved to Biopharmaceutical landscape holding a management position at Ipsen Pharma as Head of Biologics Analysis, where he manufactured Coagulation factors, hormones and antibodies as well as developed and validated analytical methods for protein characterization and quantitation at Drug substance/Drug product and Bionalysis level. He then moved to CDO/CMO holding the position of Head of R&D at 3P Biopharmaceuticals, where he was the responsible for cell line, USP,DSP,Formulation and Analytical development for up to 50 molecules, from POC to full development. In this role he led the development of Cytokines and Hormones, Monoclonal antibodies, Fabs, Bi-specific antibodies, scFV, Fusion proteins, ADC, vaccines following either new biological entities or Biosimilar regulatory pathways and from POC to Industrial scale.

Andreu Soldevila

Albert Font Ingles

Albert Font, PhD – Operations Managerlinkedin-logo-leanbiopro

Dr. Albert Font Ingles received his PhD in Biotechnology from UAB and joined LeanBio in 2015, bringing 10 years of Process Development experience in the biotech industry. He developed as a professional at Bioingenium, where he participated in cell line and process development using bacteria and yeast as main tools for protein expression. Albert moved to CDO/CMO industry at 3PBiopharmaceuticals, where he held managing position as Head of Upstream Process Development (USP), leading the development of several projects related to new biological entities, ADC and Biosimilar products. He has strong expertise in multiple expression systems for the manufacturing of recombinant proteins, vaccines and antibodies all throughout cell line development, Fermentation, Purification and Analytical development.

At Leanbio Albert is responsible for technical operations activities within the company from lab to pilot and manufacturing scale