Leanbio S.L.  develops and manufactures Biological products  for Biopharma, Pharma and Cosmetics sector for third parties and develops and commercializes proprietary technology. In 2016 Leanbio launched  an isothermal primer free qPCR kit for Host Cell DNA determination  for Biopharmaceutical products and an E.coli expression system with FTO  and  free of pro/phages.

Leanbio moved in July 2016 to Barcelona Science park, where central office and Biopharmaceutical laboratory is placed, which adds to the already existing lab in the outskirts of Barcelona. With this expansion Leanbio will take advantage of being  in one of the most important Biotech clusters in Southern Europe and will  triplicate  Development capabilities.

Leanbio will be presenting  the Lean Bioproduction  approach for Biologic products  at CPHI in Barcelona at the beginning of October and in Biospain   in Bilbao on the 28th of September

Please visit www.leanbiopro.com and contact our Business development manager  through contact@leanbiopro.com