LeanBio S.L. has co-founded a company with Laboratoris Reig I Jofre called Syna Therapeutics, which has the aim to develop biopharmaceutical products.

The new company is focused in exploiting the field of biosimilars, molecules with no meaningful differences in terms of quality, safety and efficacy comparing to their reference products. Biopharmaceutical products are manufactured using living organisms like yeast, bacteria or mammalian cells and undergo several purification steps. LeanBio S.L. has remarkable experience in biopharmaceutical product development with a track record of more than 50 new biological entities and 6 biosimilars since it was created, in 2014, by Dr. Andreu Soldevila i Fàbrega. On the other hand, Laboratoris Reig I Jofre will add value to Syna therapeutics by providing their know-how in terms of formulation and lyophilisation of biopharmaceutical drug products.

The first biopharmaceutical compound was created in 1986 and the first biosimilar compound was approved in 2006. Since then, despite the complex technological process needed to generate them, there has been an immense development in this field. Furthermore, it is believed that in the following years the market of these products will increase substantially, as opposite to traditional chemically manufactured drugs. In regards of sales, from the top 20 drugs manufactured in the world in 2017, 12 were biopharmaceutical products, and in this decade, taking into account U.S. and Europe markets, from the 54 biological products that were approved approximately 50% corresponded to biosimilars.

Nevertheless, biopharmaceutical products are usually expensive. Syna therapeutics will make possible the access to them, by generating biosimilars at the highest quality and competitive price, providing health systems new ways to fulfil patients’ needs by decreasing expenditure in biopharmaceutical drugs.