LeanBio S.L. was founded by Dr. Andreu Soldevila i Fàbrega in June 2014 to improve developmental processes of biological products for pharma, biopharma, cosmetics and agro-food sectors. He detected a gap in the market and decided to create a new company to supply the need. 6 months after constitution, the company had already signed contracts for consultancy in sectors like food, pharma, biopharma and cosmetics.

In the end of 2014, LeanBio S.L. made first investor agreement which triggered the development of facilities to assist strain development, process development and analytical development in early 2015.

LeanBio S.L started operations in those facilities in March 2015 and started working to develop products for pharma and cosmetics industries. Some months later, in autumn 2015, LeanBio S.L. raised capital to ameliorate process development facilities and increase capabilities in process and analytical development.

In 2016 the company was able to improve its facilities at the PCB to step into Biotherapeutics with the first biopharmaceutical product in immunotherapy, and in mid-2017 the first contract to co-develop a biosimilar was signed. In the meantime, expansion of facilities with a clean room, to work with mammalian cell lines occurred and first mammalian cell lines were developed and tested in bioreactors and up to 15 projects were executed in the first 3 years of the company.

In 2018 Leanbio registered a joint-venture with Laboratoris Reig I Jofre, creating a new company called Syna Therapeutics. The objective of the generation of this last association is to develop biopharmaceutical products, concretely exploiting the field of biosimilars. 2019 is going to be another year to improve the facilities of the company, for fourth time.